• rosie902

Multi-Hyphen careers, what am I?

I recently read a very interesting article about the multi-hyphen celebrity and it instantly resonated with me. Not because I am a celebrity but the multi-hyphen part of their career of course!

Yes, I can hear you all saying what the F is a multi-hypen career? Well in the article it discussed the fact that celebrities rarely choose one career – they all have a side project or two.It makes me realise just how much we love to pigeonhole people under one job title. It’s how we categorise people in our brains, so many stars are now embracing the growing trend of being a multi-hyphenate in the workplace.

The idea of having ‘fingers in pies or being a jack of all trades’ has often been stigmatised as an indecisive or unreliable trait, but in a world that rewards individualism (whether we like it or not) making side-stepping strategic career decisions can pay off. For example Rihanna’s also got her fingers into the beauty business, having conquered the world with Fenty, and recently branched out into lingerie. Fearne Cotton became known as a DJ and presenter, but has launched fashion lines (with Very and Boots), written food and wellness books and, more recently, been hosting her Happy Place podcast. Our household names have so much more going on, they rarely remain known for just one thing.

And this is so me! Am I a Designer, Production Manager, Administrator, Artist, Screen Printer, Part-time Product Photographer, Print maker.. What am I? Well I am all of those things and more. And that is OK!

Reading this article and discussing my career choice with friends has helped me to realise that being good at a lot of things and having many strings to my bow is ok and is actually a good thing. For so long, I’ve always felt that being a jack of all trades is a bad thing and that I should have a ‘specialism’ and one single passion.

This in turn, helped me to formulate my new business. I love to do lots of different things and like to be challenged with finding out new things so being a virtual assistant is the perfect job for me. I get to learn about new sectors, teach myself new skills and help others.

Long gone is the stigma of being a ‘jack of all trades’, rock on the multi-hyphenate!